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5 Questions with John Wilson

Updated: Jun 26

What do you love about the music of Mozart? 

Mozart's compositions are uniquely beautiful and seemingly perfect in every possible way, while at the same time being profoundly in touch with what it means to be human.

Do you have a special memory of any of Mozart’s works? 

The first piece I learned was the Sonata in C, K. 545 when I heard it played on my electric keyboard during my initial encounter with the piano. I was transfixed and became obsessed ever since.

How is learning or performing a Mozart work different than other composers? 

From the first note, you feel you are playing music written by genius that is otherworldly.

What is something special about the Piano Concerto no. 24 you'd like the audience to know

This piece is particularly dark in its mood and very experimental in harmonic ideas. Mozart was about to face severe hardship in life. In many ways he already was in dire straits financially, and after composing this piece, would be in terms of his commissions. This piece encapsulates his struggle and evokes many emotions that are not often present in his other concerti. It is a very special thing to perform this profound moment in his compositional output. Rightfully, many scholars claim it to be his apotheosis.

Any other thoughts on Mozart and his music? 

Every time I listen to Mozart, everything seems 'right' in this world. I hope that you have the same feeling too!  I greatly look forward to performing this magical piece for all of you, Paul, with the wonderful Midsummer Mozart Festival Orchestra!

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