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5 Questions with Brooklyn Snow

What do you love about the music of Mozart?

One of the most striking features about Mozart's music is its stunningly beautiful melodies. His music is known for its sublime, graceful and lyrical melodies that are both memorable and timeless. As a singer, I find his music to be a challenging and rewarding experience, as it requires a great deal of skill, artistry and interpretation. It’s a transformative experience, and has allowed me to explore the full range of my vocal abilities and express myself through one of the greatest musical composers of all time.

Do you have a special memory of any of Mozart’s works?

I was asked to understudy the role of Susanna in Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, one of the longest soprano roles in opera, in under two weeks. I basically didn’t sleep for those two weeks and studied as hard as I could to prepare for the role. It ended up paying off, because I had to step in and perform the role! Through the process of learning all 11 recitatives and 4 arias/duets, I became very fond of Susanna’s witty character and she is still one of my most favorite roles to play in opera.

How is learning or performing a Mozart work different than other composers?

Making Mozart’s music sound “easy” is hard! Despite its complexity, each note and phrase is carefully crafted, and the overall effect is one of balance and elegance. His music is much less about showing off range for a singer, and more about consistency of sound, traveling through the passagio and mid-range of the voice. It takes a lot of control and technical understanding of the voice to sing his music well.

What role has Mozart’s music had for you during the pandemic?

Mozart’s music has provided comfort and solace to many people during the pandemic. With the world experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety, the soothing and uplifting qualities of Mozart's music has been a source of comfort for many. I love playing his music at home, especially for my 7 month old daughter, who really seems to enjoy it! She’s a big fan of the Le Nozze di Figaro overture.

Any other thoughts on Mozart and his music?

I feel so lucky to be able to perform Mozart’s music, especially this season at the Midsummer Mozart Festival! Learning and performing the first opera he ever wrote when he was twelve has been so much fun, and I can’t wait for our audiences to hear this beautiful music!

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1 Comment

Jun 30, 2023

Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your performance of his first opera, which I have never heard.

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